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Students Against Bigotry

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We represent the silent majority of students who are fed up with the anti-Israel activity on increasing numbers of North American campuses.

We are tired of being subjected to anti-Israel slogans, events, and street theater.

We are tired of boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaigns against Israel (BDS), especially the divestment resolutions that are stealthily introduced to our student governments.

We are tired of the bullying of those who dare challenge these hostile tactics and messages.

We are tired of the bitter divisiveness the anti-Israel campaign foments on campuses.

Anti-Israel college campus activists have turned free speech into hate speech.

They spread anti-Israel propaganda that ignores facts and context, and their strong-arm methods prevent the informed, rational discussion expected at an institution of higher learning. They deceive campus communities about their real goals. They want to instill hostility about Israel's very existence, not champion the Palestinian people or peace. If they were genuinely concerned about the Palestinian people, they would be more honest and more invested in eliminating Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas and eliminating the anti-Israel/anti-Jewish hatred that young Palestinians are indoctrinated with by religious, educational, and governmental officials as well as their media. They would be more concerned about Hamas’ use of human shields (including children and women) and its launching rockets into Israel from Palestinian schools.

We call for an end to harassment and extremism.

We call for responsible, knowledgeable debate on campuses and for constructive dialogue and actions. We support both Palestinians and Israelis and know that peace takes two. After 1,900 years of discrimination and persecution in the Middle East and Europe, the Jewish people restored their ancestral homeland and built one of the most successful nations of the post-World War II period. Our goal should be to learn from and support this extraordinary accomplishment and to support Palestinians who accept Israel as their Jewish neighbor and wish to establish the first Palestinian state in history, one that would exist alongside the Jewish state in peace and security. We advocate working together to educate our campuses about the facts and to help bring understanding about what is needed for peaceful coexistence in the troubled region.

We, the undersigned, say NO to divestment resolutions and one-sided, anti-Israel bigotry and bullying on North American college campuses.

We say it’s time for tolerance and honest conversations on our campuses.

We say YES to informed debate, serious education, and constructive, peace-building measures.

Student Alumni

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The signatories below are all students or alumni of North American colleges.

First Last College
Gary Ratner Northwestern
Miriam Young Barnard college
Moran Goren Uc davis
Liran Braude Ucsb
Ross Zelen Uc santa barbara
Alan Rembach University of melbourne
Liad Braude Ucsb
Benjamin Arazi Middlesex community college
Rebecca Clark Ucsb
Betty Some Haifa university
Ruth Mastron Ucsd
Vered Hazanchuk Ucsb
Meshi Amzalag Ucsb
Donna Rosenberg Ucsb
Natalie Berkley University of wisconsin
Luis Leal University of california, santa barbara
Max Samarov University of california at santa barbara
Noga Alon Ucla
Maksim Mamrikov Ucsb
Miriam Mena Cuny-brooklyn college
Sivan Salem Ucla
Cambria Greene University of california, santa barbara
David Marias Uc davis
Matthe Wolf Pitzer college
Channing Kahn Ucsb
Sekoya Hibbard Ucsb
Allison Grey Uc berkeley
Keren Shimoni University of california
Jonathan Segall University of california
Shanna Naim Ucsb
Daniel Rosenberg Cal state university northridge
Jeremy Ginsberg University of california, santa barbara
Peggy Shapiro Chicago city colleges
Roz Rothstein Pepperdine
Caroline Hassid Uc berkeley
Miri Kornfeld Ucla
Ashley Saba University of california, irvine
Nathan Nourian University of california, santa barbara
Brittany Mccay Portland state university
Elizabeth Braverman Sarah lawrence college
Julie Shain Yale university
Eli Goodman Chapman
Alex Bryant University of pittsburgh
Jill Borodin Mcgill university
Eden Stelmach Santa barbara city college
Alyssa Kelly Ucsb
Steve Krandel Uc berkeley
Leah Yadegar Uc santa barbara
Emily Becker Portland state university
Alexandria Munguia California polytechnic state university pomona
Adina Henderson Portland state university
Amy Albertson Portland state university
Rahav Gattenyo Cal poly pomona
Sarit Lapp Midreshet yeud
Emily Finkelman University of pennsylvania
Soof Hacohen Irvine valley college
Daniel Lifton Ucsb
Emily Jacobi Mcgill university
Isabel Singer Yale
Jared Ginsburg University of southern california
Esther Cherrick Loyola university
Naomi Cahn Loyola marymount university
Johanna Press Yale university
Lyla Palmer Ucsb
Jessica Shomof University of southern california
Ayanna Watende Yale university
Gabrielle Haar University of maryland
Stephanie Brill University of southern california
Sabrina Aziz Usc
Sam Levine Arizona state university
Sarah Tagger University of california, santa barbara
Emily Schrader University of southern california
Judah Joseph University of southern california
Micaela Kaye Wesleyan university
Charlotte Honigman-smith Mills college
Joshua Schiff Ucsb
Matt Goldberg Emory
Kimberly Gill University of california, santa barbara
Nicole Rapaport Ucsb
Shayna Byrne Hunter
Grace Milstein Barnard college
Nina Levin Uc berkeley
Michael Nahmou Ucsb
Marjorie Cogan University of washington
Liron Salem Ucsb
Hadas Buskila Idc herzliya
Jacob Moroshek Umn
Daniel Leserman University of california, riverside
Anat Peleg Northeastern university
Celina Dycke York university
Sarah Halpern San mateo high school
Shani Arbiv Ucsd
Jack Kessler Uc berkeley
Dana Kaplan Sdsu
Linda Seltzer Princeton university
Eric Leibman Western washington university
Zachary Jones Ucla
Joshua Herskovitz University of california, davis
Jan Johnson Western washington university
Eva Orbach Uc berkeley
Neili Eggert University of north carolina at charlotte
Derrick Lea Unlv
Kelly Kalmanson Ucsd
Yael Aranoff University of california, berkeley
Emerson Gomez San francisco state university
Stefan Babjak University of central florida
Angela Motter Uc santa barbara
Aaron Zakhor University of california santa barbara
Danny Golo Gunn hs
Melanie Samad Rutgers
Aaron Novick University of california santa barbara
Noam Shapiro Yale university
Kamran Benji Ucla
Michael Mittelman University of california, santa barbara
Michael Behar Yeshiva university
Danna Nozik Brown university
Valerie Reich Elon university
Vida Velasco Moody bible institute
Eden Kovler Nyu
Michael Saxe Unlv
Nuriya Neumann De anza
Shayna Gerhardt New mexico state university
Ofir Barashy Chapman university
Karen Touboul Western washington university
Sam Nemiroff Yale
Daniel Greenblatt San diego state university
Connor Holzke University of california riverside
Morgan Vinson Uc santa barbara
Jake House Ucsb
Maryana Sklovskaya Uc santa barbara
David Cohen Ucsb
Sarah Hartman Saint marys college of california
Navid Elie Uc davis
Elliot Malin University of nevada, reno
Eli Weitzman Stanford
Irit Moiseev Deanza college
Michael Jason Ucsb
Matthew Farajzadeh Ucla
Noelle Summers West valley community college
Sagee Moyal American university
Boris Kazinik Sacramento state university
Batel Darey Bar ilan university
Seth Klebe Ucsb
Cayla Bergman Ucsb
Doron Feuer Cal poly pomona
Bram Aaron Carleton university
Laurel Cohen Yale university
Gunnar Oehman San francisco state university
Abraham Mercado Florida atlantic university
Karen Enfield Ucsb
Benjamin Baranes Uc santa barbara
Jake Speyer Ucsb
Evie Rothfarb Ucsb
Yael Steinberg University of california davis
Aliza Aitchison University of southern california
Sarah Konspore James madison university
Erica Oren Ucsb
Nicole Bazak Ucsb
Emma Casas Uc santa barbara
Ben Brownstein Uc riverside
Robert Wininger Ucla
Brian Hertz Ucla
Kathy Feiger University of colorado
Danny Ozair Ucla
Paul Dashefsky Columbia university
Haley Barth Haley barth
Raphael Fils Boston university
Sharona Silver Uc san diego
Zane Colt Carleton university
Mikenzie Denholtz University of california, riverside
Leedan Trau University of california, davis
Brooke Alyeshmerni Arizona state university
Allen Goldfarb California state university northridge
Lionel Sebbag Uc davis
Melissa Stern University of washington
Michael Kagan Uc davis
Benjamin Hendel Uc davis
David Sigura De anza community college
Nir Voloshin Homestead high school
Andrew Schwartz Ucsb
Lily Cinnamon Saratoga high
Leehe Negri Fau
Leead Negri Fau
Jordan Negri Fau
Paul Fox Piedmont high school
Guy Kasznik Gunn high school
Elaine James Pioneer high school
Nadav David Northeastern
Jamie Kreitman University of pennsylvania
Elon Zlotnik Northeastern university
Arthur Maserjian Northeastern university
Mark Millstein Northeastern
Elaine Mintz University of south carolina
Max Klapholz Northeastern university
Denise Sprague Michigan state university
Andrew Brunn Northeastern
Danielle Grunfeld Ucsb
Ranondo Cortez Clackamas community college
Dina Varshavsky Ucsb
Sarah Loper Uc santa barbara
Bruce Mallin California state university los angeles
Elran Tsabag Uc santa barbara
Jen Halperin Idc hertzliya
Greg Carver University of tennessee
Asher Kaye Stanford university
Philippe Assouline Mcgill
Danielle Meidan University of california, santa cruz
Penina Sarah New york university
Lori Nevias Cuny brooklyn college
Ryan Nasseri University of california santa barbara
Stephanie Zhubrak University of california, santa barbara
Jonathan Rothschild University of california, santa barbara
Bruce Rothschild Csun
Ariel Brotman University of california santa barbara
Jane Grossman Uc berkeley
Tom Weinberger University of toronto
Samuel Gardner Ucla
Dorene Weisberg University of michigan
Helen Wolff Rcc
Ira Berman Radford univeristy
Sol Wolff Ccny
Alexis Goldberg University of california, santa barbara
Naomi Suriel Ucla
Natalie Horwitz Ucsb
Jonathan Lebo Ucsb
Brittany Susnow Uc santa barbara
Daniel Gertler George brown college
Bernard Bohbot University of montreal
Miriam Eshaghian Ucla
Michael Herring Wsu
Matthew Braunstein Indiana university
Chae Harlingten Chae harlingten
Matan Shelomi University of california, davis
Andrew Kuban Uc davis
David Horwitz Uc riverside
Samuel Mantel Ucsb
Kelsey Kaplan Portland state university
David Rubenstein Illinois
David Held Stanford
Chris Nguyen Uc santa barbara
Rachel Sassoon University of pittsburgh
Peg Elefant University of calif., davis
Megan Hoel Ucsb
Tiffany Pourshamtobi University of southern california
Caryn Zeitlin Western michigan university
Jeremy Schreier Stanford university
Omri Rahmil Ucsb
Pearl Koreie Ucsd
Dylan Lane Orange coast college
Mor Frankle San diego state university
Steven Hartholz University of washington
Gavriela Fine University of arizona
Addison Kahn Sonoma state university
Faith Schames Ucla
Leona Zions Queens college -cuny
Michael Dennis The evergreen state college
Leila Chitayat Uc santa barbara
Charlotte Korchak University of southern california
Emma Kitnick Uc santa barbara
Robin Schwartz Brooklyn college
Dana Richman Arizona state university
Dave Alpern Wichita state univ.
Rhonda Blender Penn state alma mater
Steven Sher Brooklyn college
Molly Makel Uc santa barbara
Howard Rosenbloom Washington and lee university
Michael Saewitz Cardozo law school
Musa Yenni University of michigan
Aden Ratner-stauber Nyu
Steven Mcconnell University of washington
Ron Kobrine Ucla
Hannah Dince Barnard college
Elizabeth Strom Sarah lawrence
Mary Streit Ucla
Rachel Glago Univerisity of california, santa barbara
Josiah Ching Southern new hampshire university
Carolyn Hathaway Carolyn hathaway
Adam Schnee Ucsb
Ron Gans University of pennsylvania
Jordan Feldman Boston university
Carrie Rosen Loyola university chicago
Scott Schreiber Loyola university
Alan Ullman Columbia
Kristy Bresette Cal state univeristy, chico
Ilan Goodman Stanford university
Ossie Sharon Case western reserve university
Rob Jacobs Brown university
Emily Philips-roth Miami university
Avi Gordon Binghamton university
Karen Bekker Karen bekker
Doreen Berko University of texas
Abby Wolff Ucsb
Johanna Wilder University of california santa cruz
Ally Turkheimer University of delaware
Karen Gold Ucla
Jenna Raimist Ucsb
Joe Wolf Uc irvine
Zachary Blumenfeld Uc davis
Helen Brown Pierce junior college
Donna Martin Nicolet
Rocky Siegel Suny@buffalo, and nyu
Baruch Cohon Ucla
Robert Feinstein Brooklyn college
Ruvane Richman Suny at buffalo
Omer Benyamin Berklee college of music
Samantha Kramer Ucla
Shirley Rozenboim Uc santa barbara
Eli Kahn Touro college
Kyle Gordon Ucsb
Rafael Wugalter Mcgill university
Barry Greenberg Uc davis
Abey Gean Uc santa barbara
Annie Toubi Ucsb
Amber Nelson Santa clara university
Eran Ben-zvi Uc berkeley
Chery Natale Binghamton university
Daniel Winkel Swarthmore college
Karen Jonscher University of colorado
Family Pfeffer Brooklyn
Kertesz Avi Uc davis
Michal Dicalogero Rutgers university
Alexa Stephenson University of california santa barbara
Louise Miller Westminster choir college
Cara Frazin University of illinois at chicago
Lawrence Post Lehigh univeristy
Jake Rudolph University of illinois
Ben Weiner University of oregon
Erica Bolotsky University of california, santa barbara
Amit Goren Uc berkeley
Kevin Elgrichi Ucsb
Rachel Sumekh Ucla
Doniel Kaye Stanford university
Isaac Linson Ucsb
Nathan Koreie Uc santa barbara
Michael Mindlin Uc santa barbara
Corey Rosen Michigan state university
Valerie Bouganim Ucsb
Matthew Case Columbia college chicago
Liana Kadisha Stanford
Richard Ybanez Mount san antonio college
Leigh Rybak University of california santa barbara
Avinoam Baral Ucla
Jeremy Conover Virginia
Jordan Hay Ryerson university
Marilyn Linder California state university northridge
Elisha Novak Environ. design
Yael Barkova Columbia university
Jackie Jacoby University of california, riverside
Aaron Labowe University of california, santa barbara
Daniel Marvizi Ucla
Joseph Koreie
Abbi Sloan University of nebraska
Alla Shtilman University of illinois at chicago
Cheryl Korchak Cal state univ fullerton
Peter Levy Grinnell college
Nevet Basker University of washingotn
Gabriel Scherzer University of chicago
Sarah Bedrick University of arizona
Gabriel Scherzer University of california
Guy Singer Guy singer
Jonathan Pesso University of california, santa barbara
Andre Gouyet University of california, santa barbara
Arik Oganesian Ucsb
Eli Feldman Yale university
Leah Karchmer Depaul university
Andrea Resnick Chapman university
Alysia Love Uc davis
Yael Nahum Chapman university
Steve Schraibman Chapman
Fred Stiber Duke university
Ellen Spielvogel Ccny
Sheldon Altschul University of illinois
Sara Jay San francisco state university
Chana Sachs University of california, santa barbara
Ruth Paige Brooklyn college
Al Paige Brooklyn college
Arash Ghadooshahy Ucla
Robert Galoob Uc berkeley
Celia Romm University of toronto
Ellen Sternstein Brandeis university
Michael Goldstein Brandeis university
Erica Garrie U.of ca pomona
Lisa Armony Cornell university
Michelle Morris-menna Ucsd
Herman Jacobowitz Mit
Amir Amozig University of british columbia
Shmuel Treiger Brandeis university
Susan Friedman Ucla
Marilyn Fertig Brooklyn college
Milton Clark Milt
Terry Bernard Binghamton university
Klaas-jan Boer No
Louis Sachs Uc davis
Ira Shein Columbia college
Ethel Scher Bklyn college
Paul Shkuratov City college
Arell Gold Indiana university
Aaron Levy Brandeis university
Anna Neubert Eso bamberg
David Ziskrout Ucla
Bernice Dubois Sarah lawrence college
Irv Bressel Ucla
Cheryl Fields Ucsb
Kenneth Block University of georgia
David Leib California state college
Alan Green Ucla
Shraga Eliav Nova university
Jerry Greenberg Cuny
Michael Freeman York university
Fred Rothman Uc berkeley
Joel Silver U of michigan
Susan Agalar
Scott Permut Cuny
Robin Permut Queens college
Harry Shamir Northeastern u.
Noel Hershfield Rcsi
Amit Peles Riverside city college
Judith Rose Rutgers
Ron Dlin Univ of alberta
Mike Woldman Ohio university
Doran Veiner U of c
Muriel Coudurier-curveur Ucsb
Natalie Baff Tufts university
Becky Laub Cal state northridge
Jared Shore Vanderbilt
Saul Share Mcgill
Barb Atnikov University of calgary
Sara Miller Hunter college
Igor Galanter Brooklyn college
Albert Rosengarten Mcgill
Ellen Hassett Old dominion university
Kathryn Wilson The evergreen state college
Sylvia Lowenthal Brooklyn college
Judith Wolfe Mcgill university
Kenneth Grossberg Hobart college
Ariel Biel University of minnesota- twin cities
Ari Katz Boston city campus
Eli Katz Boston city campus
Leonard Markowitz Temple university
Zachary Epstein Duke university
Myra Share Mcgill
Henry Kemp San francisco state university
Stan Weinberg U of missouri
Noel Anenberg Usc
Barbara Bortniker Rutgers university
Edwardelizabethm Marks Drexeluniv,templeunivpennstatearcadia
Vremmy Kahn Ucsb
Bette Shatoff San diego state university
Judith Greenspan Csun
Shoshanna Berger Univ. of calgary
Eileen Hinkes New york university
Robert Weitzner Kent state university
Yinon Raviv Fremont high school
Miriam Alpert Chapman university
Daniel Frozenfar None
Ron Khirman Homestead high school
Kelsi Krandel Los gatos high school
Rachel Leiter Woodside priory school
Brian Barr Northeastern university
Scott Gray San jose state university
Ariel Alferov York university
Liat Bar-david Northeastern university
Lori Berenberg Harker high school
Adam Wald The university of wisconsin-madison
Jonah Versman Pacific collegiate school
Mica L Los gatos hs
Sierra Lash University of michigan
Alex Finkelstein University of southern california
Gabi Tripolsky Uc san diego
Olivia Grob-lipkis Saratoga high school
Guy Ben-ezer Northeastern university
Tal Solovey Ohlone college
Melanie Anderson Carlmont high school
Gail Ferrell University of nevada, reno
Jonathan Zest Foothill college
Ilya Lederman Uc riverside
Lorna Isenberg University of washington
Shoshana Cohen University of california santa barbara
Belinda Timpke University of puget sound
Dore Dorzia Uc san diego
Deborah Halimi University of southern california
Kathyvan Tran Uc santa barbara
Michael Harris Haverford college
Talia Rybak Uc san diego
Tole Liberman Uc davis
Elad Menna Ucsb
Tiffany Refael Chapman university
Noy Goldenberg York university
Marjorie Somers Brooklyn college
Liva Jostad-laswell Uc santa barbara
Rachel Wachtel University of california santa barbara
Edward Hammer Northeastern university
Daniel Navy York university
Iris Spitz York university
Rosanne Smithe Hard knocks u
Anat Zilberman Ryerson university
Leonora Buskin York university
Diane Whittenvile U of alabama
Jonathan Beer Suny university at albany
Andrew Barr University of california merced
Joshua Fields University of pennsylvania
Yael Mazar Columbia university
Shani Leead University of california, santa barbara
Matthew Homapour Northeastern university
Lisa Schwartz University of california santa barbara
Aaron Cahen Hillsdale high school
Nicole Einbinder University of washington
Jenna Lemberg San jose state university
Sydney Murdock Chapman university
Miles Schoenberg University of vermont
Maayan Kachlon University of washington
Jessica Levy Brandeis university
Diana Kaplun University of washington
Dana Margittai San jose state university
Jonathan Newman Chapman university
Michael Mazar Columbia university
Margot Fux Chapman university
Barry Taranto University of southern california
Kevin Giser Uc riverside
Jordyn Feiger Pitzer college
Eliott Kahn University of california, santa barbara
Susanna Mcneil Stanford
Marie Jedla Sweet briar college
Spenser Solis Uc berkeley school of law
Ori Shadmon Foothill college
Benjamin Katz Uc berkeley
Lauren Helfand Ucsc
Jacqueline Zelener University of california, riverside
Tom Peleg Mit
Julie Rachor Oregon institute of technology
Daniel Zaretsky Michigancolumbia
Shir Davidovicz Uc berkeley
Jeremy Bonner Ucsd
Emily Novick Uofa
Karen Enfield Ucsb
Rita Schulman Mcgill
Rick Chen University of california, berkeley
Shoshana Weinstein University of massachusetts - amherst
Laura Pertea Depaul university
Gary Lainer University of california, berkeley
Jennifer Light York university
Jenna Christophersen University of california, davis
Abby Hacker Nyu
David Colson Mit
Ann Dershowitz Mit
Richard Wasserman Hobart and william smith colleges
Alan Godel Northwestwern univ
Stephen Holstein University of pittsburgh
Joni Browne-walders Ucla
Barbara Leifer Ucla
Mark Sloane University of pennsylvania
William Schwartz Ohio state university